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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Weird Week

Time seems to have gone into some kind of overdrive this week. I went out this morning to get the car washed - the maple tree's little whirly-gigs had coated the entire outside of the car. I was quite embarrased going to the clinic to get my B-12 shot the other day. So I pulled into the bay and deposited two dollars worth of quarters - I blasted those little suckers. They flew off and stuck to the wall of the car wash bay - I kind of feel sorry for the guy who has to clean up afterwards. By the time I got home and Gertie and I had some play time outside - it was 5 o'clock.

I've been tackling a genealogy mystery in my spare time and I have to say it has me quite vexed. I think I'll end up shelving much of it until I head back east and can dome some research of old newspapers at the library.

The weekend is almost here and I can hardly wait - the OddFellows are having a BBQ this weekend and so I'm heading over to check it out. This weekend is also the town rummage sale weekend. Maybe I'll see something good between here and there.


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