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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

A look at my frog collectibles as I get them and my wacky world in the meantime.

Friday, April 02, 2010

Frog of the Day

It is another beautiful day here at Frog Central. The temps are already in the 70's and heading towards the low 80's. It ended up a bit warm yesterday - by the late afternoon the temperature topped out at 88 degrees. That's too warm too fast.

This frog collectible is from Hand-Made Deigns and is a plush. It has "Beware of Attack Frog" on it. The tag says Made in China. The inside is filled with fiberfill and gravel. I don't know what the material is that is used for the outside - it's quite rough, like burlap. I received this January 2010. A cute addition to the collection.


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