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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chicken, Squirrels, and Air Conditioning

I had done quite a bit of cooking last week while the temps were not quite as high as they are this week. Today we're supposed to hit 89 degree - way too hot way too soon. The stockpile of food ran out yesterday and so today I had to turn on the oven to cook up about 10 pieces of chicken - enough to last for a while. This house is so little that when you turn on the oven - it quickly becomes unbearably hot when the temps are up outside. Today I finally broke down and turned the air conditioner on. After dark I should be able to open the windows up again - it quickly cools off once the sun goes down.

A baby squirrel fell from the tree two days ago that put me into a moral dilemma. I loathe the squirrels and the damage they do. The white ones are cute enough and there aren't that many of them running around the yard. The grey ones - quite a few, and I wouldn't mind seeing quite a bit fewer. But this was a little baby one and it was obviously dying. It would lift its head and look around but that was all it could do. I thought of going out there and putting it out of its misery, but I ddidn't think I could do it - so I let nature take its course. The problem with this whole situation is that it fell right next to the rear door of my car - where I load my walker. So the carcass will have to be moved. And as my friend EH says - the misery always comes back around to


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