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Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day

Approximately 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water - including 10 percent of Americans. The lack of vital resources are going to be the basis in which future wars will be waged. We only need to look to history for confirmation.

Bottled water is not an answer either. It takes precious oil to manufacture the bottles. The bottles are manufactured with BPA - a very dangerous chemical. And then what is being found is that many of those bottle are finding their way into the oceans where they aren't biodegradable, but instead splinter from exposure to the sunlight into ever smaller and smaller pieces. Fish are eating those small particles and dying - or worse yet, poisons from the water that the plastic absorbs like a sponge, is now released into the fish's system and may become our dinner.

I can't sit here and say what the answer is to remedy all our water woes. I do know that I use a filter on my sink for drinking water - which works really well. I don't waste water on the lawn - it may get a bit brown in August, but it always comes back nice and green. There are gray water systems you can add to your house as well as rain collection systems. All I can say is that on this one day - World Water Day - think about the water you use, how easy it is to just turn on the tap and there it is - and what your world would be like if that tap yielded nothing. Because for a lot of people that's exactly what is happening.


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