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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend Dog Blogging

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I can't believe the weekend is here already! I feel like I haven't gotten anything done - so today I'm running around and packing like crazy. Monday I'm going to start packing the car with everything I can - finish up Tuesday so that Wednesday morning all we have to do is hop in the car and get started. This will be Gertie's first long car ride and her first stay in a motel room. I hope everything goes o.k.

Gertie has decided that she loves the camera and every time I bring it out she strikes a pose. I put the camera up to my face and she immediately sat there and lifted one paw - and she struck that exact same pose three different times. I could barely keep from laughing!

The weather today is abysmal, we are having something called "frozen fog." I had never heard of it before. Apparently the water in the fog freezes the minute it touches something - so everything was a bit slick first thing this morning - but the temps are going up today so everything should be thawed out by this afternoon.


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