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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Cold in the Heartland

Sprogz Top of the Hops
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
But getting warmer - we're supposed to hit 20 degrees tonight. Down right balmy! This last weekend was Elvis' birthday and it made me think of this great Sprogz.

Sunday night I ended up doing a little foot surgery on myself. The large gash on the bottom of my foot wasn't healing and I needed to find out why. I was sure that I had a giant sliver of wood from the hardwood floor stuck in there and sure enough - I pulled it out and since then its been feeling much better and healing over nicely.

Gertie and I were pretty tired this morning and shortly after breakfast headed back to bed for a bit. She's still sound asleep. That's what she gets for not taking a nap at all yesterday. By last night she was bouncing off the walls right onto my last nerve. She finally curled up on my lap and when I got up to go to bed I didn't think she'd wake up. I set her on the floor and it was about 5 minutes later after I was all settled under the covers when I finally felt her jump up onto the end of the bed. She's making up for the lack of sleep today - a good idea....


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