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Saturday, January 09, 2010

The Cold Weather Continues

The weather here at Frog Central has frozen the frogs through and through. Even Gertie is getting a bit tired of it all. The temperature never made it to 10 degrees today and the wind chill has hovered around 10 below. I amazed to see that it actually snowed in Orlando, Florida!

As much as I would like to run down to IGA to get a few items, I'm afraid that I'm stuck inside. My ramp is snow and ice covered and I'm not chancing it at all. Besides, the local news keeps announcing that the roads are a mess. The salt doesn't work at this cold of a temperature and areas that may have melted quickly refreeze. Nightly they go through the number of accidents and slides off the roads - pretty impressive that people still get out there when they know it's going to be bad. Here in town I haven't seen a car go by the house in days.

So I've taken out a couple steaks and chicken breasts. I also have some rice side dishes. Today I made some mac and cheese for lunch. This evening I made a fresh loaf of bread in the bread maker - I love eating the crust nice and warm fresh out of the oven - Yummy! My foot is finally starting to feel a bit better. I can actually walk on it now - thank goodness. I'm still walking a bit gingerly - if you hit it just right, major ouch - but at least I can get around.


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