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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Cold Start to the New Year

Here at Frog Central the temps have plummeted. When Gertie and I got out of bed this morning it was 7 degrees with a wind chill temp of minus 8! That is indeed cold. So cold the storm door was frozen to the frame. Gertie didn't mind the temps though - she played outside for over 20 minutes before I finally pulled her back in. Fifteen minutes later she wanted to go back out but a little play time changed her mind. Now she's curled up at my feet, keeping my toes warm. I have to go put my slippers on.

I wanted to drive to the next town over today but I think I need to wait until things warm up a bit. I'm looking for a travelling cage for the bird that will easily fit into the car. The cage I have now fit into the old car with some wiggling. The new car may be the same model, but it is not as roomy and it won't fit at all.

My leg has almost healed all the way. I'm finally off all the pain killers. It's just a little achy now and then if I overdo it. I'm glad that episode is almost over - and to anyone who gets achilles tendonitis my advice is scream and scream lots - it doesn't really help other than to let your neighbors know just how much pain you are really in. LOL Yeah, I must be getting better - I can laugh about it now.


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