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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend Dog Blogging

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Gertie and I both enjoyed a quiet Christmas this last week. EH had sent me some deep dish pizza from Chicago and that made a great lunch as Gertie got a treat in the form of a couple pieces of crust (very small pieces). It wasn't a white Christmas here - just very cold and windy. Today however, that all changed. We have a couple of inches of snow on the ground and it's still coming down. Gertie had a blast. She couldn't contain herself as she ran as fast as she could through the snow in all directions. After 15 minutes she came in, found a nice warm spot and flopped down for a nap.

In this picture, which I took this last week, Gertie has brought me her favorite toy, ready to play. And with that face and those floppy little ears, who could resist. Gertie had her own little Christmas miracle happen. I have a small bucket near the kitchen I use for cleaning up and mopping. For the last month or so Gertie has been interested in that bucket. Every time I'm in the kitchen she goes to the bucket and nudges the handle. Since I've been sick I just tell her to leave it alone. Christmas Day I'm heading into the kitchen and she ran right to the bucket so I decided to move it someplace where she cannot get to it. As I pick the bucket up, there in the bottom is one of her favorite stuffed toys - Mr. Turtle. She has been over the moon to have her toy back and I moved the bucket so that no more of her toys will make its way in. Now if I could only get her to put her toys into her toybox so readily......


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