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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Dog Blogging

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Gertie has had a pretty good week. She follows me around, making sure I'm o.k. She especially likes when I go lay down to put my leg up - she curls up next to me and takes a little nap. As I've been starting to feel a little better, she wants to play a bit more and go outside to run around.

I was telling her that we'll soon be going to the East Coast and how much snow they have there - I know she's looking at me thinking "How much snow? - You do know I'm not very tall, don't you?" I thought I'd have to buy her a little coat for going outside,but she loves the cold. I usually have to haul her back inside reluctantly.

Because of my tendonitis I'll be waiting a bit to be sure that everything is cleared up before heading East. After seeing the snow they've got I think I'm glad I'm stuck here in Illinois. It's been cold and we've gotten a little dusting that lasts about an hour or two. Certainly no feet of snow, thank goodness!


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