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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awaiting a possible ice storm

Hopefully the latest reports are correct and we'll have more of a rain event. Starting Sunday the news here has been telling us to watch out for storms that are coming in the next few days. You may have seen some of it on the nightly news. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no ice!

I decided that just in case I finally had to bite the bullet and go to Walmart to do some shopping. I had been putting it off because I've been afraid to walk that much on my sore leg. I decided that everything I needed for now could be found within the first few aisles of the door. With plan in hand I headed out. By the time I got home my leg was indeed throbbing quite a bit. I took a pain killer and headed immediately to bed to rest my leg. Still a bit sore this evening but I hope I didn't set myself back too much.

I received one of those snuggy blankets from AB today. Gertie wasn't too sure but she had to check it out and ultimately decided that it was o.k. As long as she had her rawhide bone to chew she's happy.

Only a couple of days until Christmas - hope you have all your shopping done. Gertie and I will be here celebrating quietly - awaiting this leg to heal so we can head off to the East Coast. I suppose I need to go put my leg back up on a pillow. Keep your fingers crossed for me....


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