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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Dog Blogging

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Gertie and I spent most of yesterday outside. The temps soared here into the 60's. That may be the last day we see such nice temps until Spring, so we took full advantage. I've been working on a little more training with her and she takes to it really easily - and she remembers it readily. The best thing for me is that she's beginning to realize that she likes being petted. When Gertie first arrived she was really shy about being touched and petted. I said that she was more like a cat. She wanted to jump into your lap and settle down and take a nap - pet her and she's jump down. Persistence is paying off and it's so cool to see her come up now and want to be petted.

This morning she was a little more curious about the camera than normal. I know she's thinking - what are you doing on the other side of this thing?


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