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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Dog Blogging

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Hey, you - time to wake up from your nap and take me out!

Gertie's had a good week this last week - I've been taking her out nearly every day to get her used to the car. She doesn't want to hop in for fear I'm going to take her someplace where she'll get a shot or a bath. I had to go pick up more brandy for the fruitcake on Friday. Who knew they'd have dog treats in the drive thru. Another place to take her for treats!

The temps were pretty nice this whole last week and so we spent a lot of time outside. Yesterday it was almost 70 degrees. Gertie did not want to come back inside at all yesterday. Besides, she had a lot of squirrels to chase around. She wore me right out and so I foolishly had fallen asleep in my chair. Gertie was not tired and let me know so - if staring doesn't work, a quick bark does the trick.

The temps have changed today and things are supposed to get rainy and cold for this next week. Ugh! At least there's no snow - I see those reports of "feet of snow" on the news and thank goodness I don't live there! Who knows if Gertie will like the snow - I'm currently looking for a little jacket to put on her for when she goes out and it's really cold. Currently, her form of getting warm is to crawl into my arms and curl up for a nap. And who could resist a cutie face like that....


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