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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

There is SNOW in the forecast!

Yesterday was a really bad day. I got out of bed around 6:30 a.m. after not sleeping the entire night. That meant a pounding headache for the majority of the day. I had called the doctor's office the day before because I wasn't feeling well and they were to call a prescription in to CVS. As of yesterday afternoon CVS swore to me that hadn't received it. I showed up at the doctor's office ready to go up one side of them and down the other - they called CVS while I stood there - only to find out that it was CVS that had the prescription but forgot to fill it. Ugh! I get so tired of tracking down other people's incompetence. Thankfully I got a bit of sleep last night. I was sounding like a teapot whistle by the time I got up this morning. Poor Gertie had to lift her head every time I breathed out trying to figure out what that funny sound was. I ended up getting up a bit early and having a cup of hot chocolate. That always makes you feel better.

The newspaper says that snow is in the forecast for tomorrow - Thanksgiving Day. On the news last night they said that this was the latest date on record for snowfall of any kind. If the forecasters are right and snow does fall tomorrow, I hope the rest of their forecast is correct - 60 degrees over the weekend!

Tomorrow I'm breaking with the turkey tradition - I'm going to have lasagna. The green channel is going to have a Living with Ed marathon - there are a couple of episodes of the new season I haven't seen. Supposedly there's also a Living with Rochelle - that is Ed's wife. I haven't seen that one at all yet. Of course I'll probably have to switch over to the Macy's parade when that comes on. I don't know for sure, I haven't enjoyed their parades as much in recent years.


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