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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cold and Wet Weather

The last two days have been really cold, wet, and rainy here at Fog Central. Yesterday Gertie and I stayed bundled up and caught up on some much needed rest. Today I had to go out to Walmart and do some grocery shopping - nothing worse than getting soaking wet and then walking into the grocery store. I sloshed around though for over an hour and got lots of groceries - hopefully enough for the rest of the month.

A lot is going on here in Tidy Town - they're getting ready for the winter lights in the park. I'd like to get over for it this year. A lot of places have announced their Thanksgiving meals - I plan on staying home, nothing special.

I received the boxes for the fruitcake today - hopefully the Christmas paper fill will be here tomorrow. Then all I have to do is put together the little flyer I want to put in the boxes with the fruitcake (nutritional label, ingredients, etc.). Tomorrow I get to baste them with brandy - a couple more weeks and they'll be done!


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