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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Dog Blogging

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Gertie has had a pretty good week. The scar on her belly has healed nicely and the hair is starting to grow back where she was shaved for surgery. She loves the cooler temps outside and spends quite a bit of time outside chasing down squirrels and generally keeping vigil over her patch of the lawn. She loves the new bed spread on the bed, especially when I throw the covers off in the night because I'm too hot - she nestles under the covers, happy as a clam.

Last night was the Halloween Parade here in Tidy Town. The parade was really quite short - lasting under 2 hours. For here, that's a short Halloween parade. I opted not to go and I'm glad I didn't. The emergency vehicles blasted their sirens for the length of the parade, upsetting Gertie quite a bit. The parade route is only a couple of blocks from here, and couple that with a very small town, and we could hear everything that was going on. Since the parade ends at the end of my street all the floats went by the house, so it was like seeing the parade at 35 miles an hour - and that was ok with me! Plus I didn't have to put up with all the ancillary things I don't really care about.

I just finished flipping the fruitcakes and putting more brandy on the wraps - I've been through 5 bottles of brandy so far - probably 3 or 4 more bottles to go!


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