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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rainy Day at Frog Central

It's been raining with lots of thunder and lightning so I've had the computer off for most of the day. Instead I've been in the kitchen. Now that I'm feeling better I have lots of energy and so today I got the fruit together for two batches of fruitcake. I'll do another two on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday. That will get all the regular Christmas dark fruitcake out that I'm going to make this year - 24 loaves.

My UPS guy has to wonder what the heck is going on these last few days. Tuesday he showed up with a giant box from the Popcorn Factory - sent by AB for my birthday. Wednesday he showed up with another box from the Popcorn Factory - from Mom and Dad. Today two giant boxes show up from Mom and Dad. I've put them all away to open on Monday for my birthday. I think I'll go over and get a Walmart pizza and an ice cream cake for my birthday dinner.

Gertie was a bit disconcerted that I spent two hours in the kitchen putting together fruit rather than playing with her. She laid on the rug just at the edge of the kitchen looking longingly, but waiting patiently. Wait until I fire up the Kitchen Aid mixer Sunday!


At 1:56 PM, Blogger muffinbutt said...

happy birthday (well, a couple days early). I'll have you know that one of the popcorn kernals is from me, only one kernal though, recession hit pretty hard this year. Your mom was so nice to share a corn kernal with me. Thanks mom!!


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