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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple days of a headache

I've never had a migraine, but if the last two days were anything near what someone with a migraine suffers, I sympathize. I woke up yesterday morning and could barely lift my head off the pillow - Gertia was happy to go right back to bed and I didn't get up until noon. I had 3 loaves of fruitcake in the fridge that had to be baked off. That was about all that got done. Today was a bit better and by this evening the pain is almost gone. I wrapped up the last of the dark fruitcake in brandy wraps. Tomorrow I plan on putting the fruit together for several batches of Amaretto fruitcake. They go much quicker because they have a lot less fruit in them.

The lawn guy showed up this evening around 6 to do the lawn. It was dark outside! I don't know how he saw to get around out there. From what I could see he did a nice job of the area right outside the door - a lot of branches had come down recently and he had them all picked up. This was his last time for the season. I really need to get a riding lawn mower to save that money every other week.

I've switched to sweaters with the recent cold and Gertie couldn't be happier. First thing in the morning she crawls into the crook of my left arm and puts her head on my shoulder - totally content. Every time I put her down to do something as soon as I'm done she's right back to ready for another nap.

So did you hear the story about the woman living in a mobile home that found she had raccoon living underneath. She decided that the best way to get it out was to set off extra smokey fireworks under the trailer. You might see the problem here - she did not. The trailer caught fire and burned to the ground. As Ron White would say - "You can't fix stupid."


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