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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Another Fruitcake Day

This whole week - till next Saturday is going to be taken up with fruitcake. Today I got two more batches of the fruit put together. Gertie watched with baited breath, wanting anything to fall to the floor. Little did I know it would be a prune that I dropped. She had it and was off like a shot. It was eaten before I could ever get to her. All I can hope is that the prune will not do what prunes do for people. Otherwise I may be spending this afternoon outside, and it is really cold out.

The UPS man has been to the house every day this week. I've been expecting him today, but I guess my watching for him is in vain. Yesterday I got a great gift of some exclusive chocolates. I can hardly wait to open them!

Gertie and I are exhausted and so before anything else happens I think we're going to go take a little nap......


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