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Monday, September 28, 2009

Glen Beck Boils Frog on TV Show

I do not watch the Glen Beck, nor am I a big fan of the particular network on which his show airs, but I cannot abide what he did recently. I've seen the clip and it is very disturbing, so I will not post it, nor provide a link. Beck starts by stating that if you throw a frog in boiling water it will jump out but if you put him in a pan of warm water and heat it up to boiling he won't jump out. This is totally untrue. Anyway, he pulls out a plastic container and digs around in it for a bit to catch a frog. He then rails something incomprehensible against the president and promptly throws the frog into a pan of boiling water. Beck looks into the pan and, I'm paraphrasing, says something along the order of "I really thought it would jump out. Oh well, forget the frog."

Since the show aired and the outrage has been building Beck has apparently stated that the frog wasn't real. Yet when he brought out the plastic container - it was a clear plastic - you could see the frogs jumping around in the container and he had a bit of trouble catching one.

I have sent a letter to Fox stating that it would not only be a good idea for the Glen Beck to apologize, but also make a sizeable donation to a frog conservation group, such as the Amphibian Conservation Alliance through There is no justification for the senseless slaughter of frogs!


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