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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back to the grind

Hope you had a nice long weekend and took the opportunity to get away for a bit. Gertie and I stayed close to home - the weather here was a bit rainy and cool. It gave me a chance to do a little baking - Johnny Cake, just the way grandma used to make it. It's made for some great breakfast fare.

Today I have to run to the liquor store to pick up what I need to soak the fruit for the rest of the week for the fruitcake. Then I guess whether I want to or not I'll be at the grocery store getting ingredients so that I can bake the fruitcake and get the wrapped in brandy soaked cheeseclothe so they can be mellowing until Christmas time.

I spent a time yesterday searching for pork tenderloin recipes - hopefully I found a good one. I've got 4 tenderloins in the freezer and I think they need to be used up - dinners for quite some time! Slowly I'm getting my freezer cleaned out and ready for new stuff. I haven't gotten the food co-op much this year and not at all over the summer - and there's still plenty of stuff in the freezer to last a while.

I was flipping through the backed up news stories in my in-box and came across a story about a new frog species found in New Guinea. Researchers descended into a defunct volcanic crater where life has been allowed to evolve on its own over the last two thousand years. The frog had fangs - how cool is that? A lot of other unknown species were also found but the frog was the best. I hope they come out with pictures soon.


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