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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

You Can't Flush Rawhide

Yesterday afternoon Gertie was settled with her rawhide treat and I thought a perfect time to get 2 minutes to myself. No such luck as I felt her nose on my leg as I walked to the bathroom. Now Gertie has this fun little thing she does with her treats and toys where she flicks them into the air and then chases after them. Shadow used to do the same thing. You can see where I'm going with this. Just as I lifted the lid on the toilet Gertie chose that moment to flip her rawhide treat. Kerplunk! It landed in the toilet. My first thought was to just hit the flush, but I'm sure it not only wouldn't go down, but would be a very expensive plumbing bill. The next thought was how do I get it out. The toilet bowl brush got it to the lip and with a paper towel I was able to get it into the trash. Gertie couldn't understand why I didn't give it back to her! LOL A new rawhide treat and a closed bathroom door served us both well after that.

The weatherman said that summer has returned and indeed it has with a vengance. We were under the threat of major storms and possible tornado activity all day yesterday. The heat has returned - we're in the 90's every day this week and possible 100 for the weekend. Hazy, hot, and humid! Thank goodness for central air.

I received the last of the fruit for my fruitcake yesterday and I am looking forward to getting started. Now all I have to do is check the liquor supply........


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