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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Dog Blogging

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It was nice and bright today so I was able to get a pretty good picture of Gertie using my computer's camera. She's looking awful surprised because of this little object following her around, especially since she wanted to play with her ball instead.

Gertie and I went for a ride today. I've been trying to get her to be comfortable hopping in and out and riding around. She's gotten a lot better with willing to jump in the car, but she wants to sit in the driver's seat. A little coaxing and over to the passenger seat she'll go. We went to CVS so I could pick up my prescriptions. They had new people there and they weren't very dog friendly (or people friendly for that matter!) so she didn't get a treat. I think that's the first drive-thru window that she came away disappointed and she didn't handle it well at all. She made sure they knew she was disappointed, whining at the top of her lungs at them. Back home I made sure she got a small treat and she was happy with that.

It's a beautiful day here at Frog Central - the temps this afternoon just topped 70 degrees - nice and cool. A great day to have windows open and the air conditioning off. Also a great day for Gertie to play outside.


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