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Friday, August 14, 2009

Today it was the internet

The other day the power was down for the majority of the day - today it was the cable and internet access. Today's paper said that the power went out because of work being done at one of the power substations. They shut it down to work on and rerouted power around it - when they went to turn it back on, they blew the whole system out. Apparently it's something they'll be working on for the next couple of months and they wanted everyone to know that it may happen again. I wish I had a whole house generator that automatically kicks in when the electricity goes out.

Today the power went down at wherever they have all the switches for the cable and internet access. And apparently they forgot to tell the guy that fixes it. He was apparently sitting there twiddling his thumbs wishing he had something to do while the cable is down for the whole town. It's kind of scary that they also run a local telephone exchange - communication doesn't seem to be their strong suit.

My toe is feeling better but I'm going to lose the toenail. Oh well, wouldn't be the first time. I think I'll be good enough to get out and do some grocery shopping tomorrow. I am in desperate need of fresh fruit and vegetables. And fresh batteries for my camera so I can get a picture of Gertie up for the weekend.


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