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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Stubbed Toe

I seem to stub my toes all the time and never really think anything about it (other than hopping around for 10 minutes). So yesterday when I stubbed my toe I ouched a bit (didn't you see the news that said swearing takes the pain away!) but then went on about my business. I walked through the living room to the kitchen then realized I forgot to bring my glass with me and turned around to get it - it was then I had a vision of that commercial where the painter walks out mad, "his red shoe leading the way" come to life. I saw bloody footprints across the floor. I then looked down to see my foot covered in blood. Good thing I didn't pass out - which I have been known to do when I see blood. Once I got everything cleaned up I realized that when I stubbed my toe I had ripped the nail all the way up and almost all the way off. Alright, then I almost passed out when I saw that.

A couple hours later with the blood letting over and getting over how much my toe really hurt - once I saw how bad it looked - I got up to get my glass of water, which was my original task and yes, you guess it, I immediately stubbed the same toe. Later Gertie ran in to it. I rolled over in the night and woke up screaming. Basically, I'm hopping around today on one foot. All errands put on hold because there is no way I can put a shoe on at the moment.

I will admit that I'm waking much more carefully today....


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