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Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Lazy Saturday

I'm enjoying a lazy Saturday with Gertie. We're playing with her newest squeaker toy - a turtle. When I received my fruits and nuts this last week for the fruitcake - the place had sent a stuffed elephant - their mascot. Gertie thought sure she have that elephant at any cost, but it really wasn't dog friendly and I'm sure would have been torn apart in two minutes. I had the turtle from the last purchases I made for her and had kept it back for just such an occasion. She forgot all about the elephant and loves to play with the turtle.

I went to take a picture of Gertie yesterday to put up an the brand new batteries I had put in are dead. Ugh! They're expensive, and to think I only took about 6 pictures with them did not go over well. So I've got batteries on the list for the store again this week.

I woke up this morning - yes, I slept last night, thank goodness - and my toothache was gone. Hallelujah! The last two days were spent in a fog from the Vicadin. While it takes the pain away I hate the daze it causes.

The weather here has turned really bad this weekend. The temps today are hovering right around 100 with heat indexes up to 105. Heat warnings are up and I know just from opening the door to let Gertie out to do her business that a wall of hot and humid air hits you and takes your breath away. Thank goodness I have cooked enough ahead that I won't have to cook at all this weekend. Just some microwave warm-ups. Well, I'm off to play a bit with Gertie and then I think we'll retire for a siesta......


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