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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How Clean is Your House

I love that program - it's on BBC America. Every time I want to just let things go I watch that show and I'm right back to scrubbing. Sunday I worked on mini-blinds. Whoever came up with that concept was just sadistic. If I could reach the top of the windows to take them down I'd soak them in the tup like the ladies from How Clean is Your House tell you to do. As it is, I'm using my swiffer duster.

Last night I plopped down in my chair and thought I really should straighten up the front room a bit but decided to turn on television instead. Have you seen the show Hoarders. OMG, I turned off the television and started cleaning immediately! All clutter dispersed and things are looking much better today.

Gertie and I have been chasing flies today. Each time I open the door to let her out a new fly seems to find its way in. So today we've been tracking them down - currently Gertie has caught 2, I've gotten 3. There seems to be just two left buzzing around. Of course she's jumping to catch them - I'm using my froggy fly swatter....


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