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Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Good Weekend

Gertie and I have been enjoying the weekend. It's been a bit cooler and rained a little last night, but all in all, we've been having a good time. The lawn guy showed up yesterday and I spent quite a bit of time outside with him working on getting the flower beds cleaned up a bit. Everything looks pretty good now. The only thing left to do is work on pruning the hibiscus hedge. They've gotten so tall they're interfering with the wires and need to be trimmed down to a more respectable height.

Gertie has had fun with her lawn cut - it's better for doing her business. That business includes chasing rabbits - they seem to be pretty plentiful this year after a couple years absence. A huge katydid type bug landed in the grass next to her and she had great fun with it - tying to eat it - while I had a canniption fit screaming at her to drop it, which she finally did.

Tomorrow I'm off to the grocery store to pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables. For the tonight I'm going to go watch Merlin and then The Next Design Star - two pretty good programs.


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