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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend Update

It has been nice and cool here - today's high is only 70 degrees. Gertie and I are taking full advantage. Yesterday we spent the majority of the day outside enjoying a nice cool breeze. The lawn guy showed up and so everything looks really nice - except for the flower beds that are overgrown with weeds! I need to get one of those awesome augers they advertise on television and get to work.

Today I had to go run some further errands. I've been reading the instruction book on my new car - so much technology. I need to go out and see if I can find the CD changer in the trunk. That will be great for long trips. Of course everything in the car is electronic and there are more buttons everywhere than the space shuttle. Slowly I'm getting the hang of it all and just what a lot of those button do.

Tonight's television includes the final HGTV showdown and then the beginning of the Next HGTV Star. Tomorrow night starts the BBC's mini-series Torchwood. Guess for now it's time to go back outside with Gertie. I have to keep a very close eye on her while she's out because she is at the point in her heat cycle where she's the most fertile. Several neighborhood dogs start howling at her almost as soon as she steps outside. I think she enjoys the attention - as long as it isn't too much attention, if you know what I mean......


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