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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Car Troubles

The car went into the garage on Monday and I finally heard yesterday that it couldn't be fixed. The frame had rusted through and it was too dangerous to drive it. I spent a lot of yesterday evening and night going through the web sites of the local dealers and hopefully I have found a replacement. I'm waiting to hear on the financing - keep your fingers crossed. The car is the same model as I have been driving for the last 11 years - a Mercury Grand Marquis. They are good cars and seem to hold their value really well. And as a friend of mine said last night, since I drive so little I'll never wear the engine out - the body will fall apart first (which is what happened to my old car).

I hope this all gets worked out today because I have no salad dressing and I had to eat a plain salad last night for dinner - yuck! I'm afraid their will be no salad tonight! Actually I have a couple red peppers Iplanned on putting under the broiler for a bit with a bit of rice.

Gertie woke me up this morning barking because of the thunder. It has been rolling all morning though and she seems to have calmed down quite a bit about it - as long as it doesn't rock the house (which the thunder here often does). I spent some time distracting her with some new toys. Yesterday afternoon I was checking my e-mail and when I turned around rabbit stuffing covered the living room floor. I took the opportunity to replace all three of her stuffed animals. She was so happy with the new ones that she doesn't seem to miss the old ones at all - the whole thing was more traumatic for me than her! LOL

Alright, I have to go pace the floor a bit more waiting for a phone call.......


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