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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today I was remembering the two weeks in January when I was snowed in with a foot of snow and lots of ice and thinking I wish I had a time machine. This morning at 6 when I got out of bed it was already 81 degrees. Heat warnings are out again. My poor air conditioner is running practically non-stop. I have the temperature set at 76 which is cool if your just sitting but if you stand up and move around drenches you in sweat in no time. I decided this evening that I wasn't going to cook and ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. It's our only chain pizza place that actually delivers. If I had to go out to pick up a pizza I might as well have cooked! I ordered one with a stuffed crust - I'd never gotten one of them before. It makes the crust more edible but I don't think it was worth the price. What I usually do I put the crust in the fridge and next day open it up, spread butter and garlic, pop it in the microwave for a bit. You get garlic bread!

I'm going to go think about snow for awhile and hope it cools me off for a bit.....


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