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Monday, June 29, 2009

Relief, Finally

The weather finally broke yesterday. The temps were only in the upper 80's. Today they are even a bit cooler, the humidity is lower, and a nice breeze is blowing. I can hardly wait for tonight when the overnight temps are supposed to drop back in to the high 50's. It is such a relief. While my computer was going through a major upgrade this morning (it took almost all morning!) I decided to spend some quality time outside with Gertie. She was loving it! The ability to run around without all that heat really made her day. She's sleeping at my feet, all tired out.

The end of June has arrived and July 4th will soon be here. Some of the local kids have already started setting off fire crackers. This is the first year I've heard locals with fireworks. The town puts on a pretty good display in the local park. It's about 2 miles away but the booms can be heard here at Frog Central. In the past I've stayed home because Shadow got really nervous about them going off - Gertie seems to be the same in that regards. Besides, it's one of those events that the whole town turns out for and you can't get near the place unless you go really early to get a spot. I don't feel like sitting there all afternoon to see 20 minutes of fireworks.


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