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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Dog Blogging

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I know she's thinking "Take the damn picture and let me get back to the air conditioning." She has found that sitting on the air conditioning vent in the entryway is most enjoyable. I looked all over for her earlier today and that's where I ended up finding her. The temps today topped out in the high 90's and a heat index will into the 100's. A lot of heat strokes according to the news. I went over to Walmart at 9 this morning and the temps were already in the 80's!

I bought a couple needed fruits and vegetables at Walmart today and was surprised when I got home that it was after 11. Guess I was having more fun shopping than I thought. Yeah, right. Some items are way on the far left, others to the far right. Forget one item and it's a long haul back and forth. I was sore from head to toe by the time I got home and something tells me tomorrow will be a tough day getting out of bed. Anyway, if it's this hot - and they say it will be this hot for the near future - who wants to get out of bed.

The lawn guy showed up this evening - brave soul. He didn't do any lawn all day he said because of the heat. Although it was no cooler when he got here. Oh well, the lawn looks good now and Gertie's happy to have a spot to go where grass doesn't hit her on the behind when she has to do her business.

I told mom that I nicknamed Gertie - calling her "Spats." She has the cutest little white streak across her paws. You can see it prominently on one of her back paws in this picture. It's not quite as pronounced on her front paws but there is a little touch of white on them. Gertie likes to lick at her paws and chews on them - I asked if she was trying to remove her spats.

Oh well, back to the air conditioning please.........


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