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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Dog Blogging

Watching TV
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Gertie's had a pretty good day today - which is great after yesterday where everything that could go wrong, did. She was upset to her stomach all day - a lot of trips out but doing nothing. When someone came to the door trying to sell something, that's when she let loose. Thankfully, if it had to be inside, it was at least on the tiled kitchen floor, making it easy to clean up and disinfect. She was wore out after that and most of the afternoon just wanted to be held. Today she seems to be her old self but she's decided that she liked that whole being held thing, which is amazing because she's always been a bit offish. Wanting to play on her own terms.

Late last night the rain started in earnest. We had quite a downpour, bringing down a couple smaller limbs on the trees. In the midst of one of the hardest rains I've seen in a while, guess who wants to go out. Gertie was soaked through and through. She hates the towel, but it had to be done.She loves to play in the rain and it certainly gives her a nice bath!

We started working on shake this week and she's doing really good with it. That paw goes up in the air on command, but she's not entirely sure why you want to grap her paw and shake it. She mostly tolerable of the whole thing, especially if she's sitting in my lap at the moment. She's a bit more hesitant if she's on the floor and your leaning over her - Gertie really doesn't go for that at all.

Here she is fascinated by television. I have never seen a dog so engrossed in t.v. - all the time. She loves to stand in front of the television watching, as she is here, or even if she's in my lap - one eye is on the t..v. I think it's the movement - she also likes to sit in my lap here at the computer and she'll watch intently as long as things are changing on the screen. If I'm reading an article she's off to find something more exciting. By the way - she's watching Meerkat Manor and everythime the little meerkat's make their squeaking noise, she barks back at them. I think that's the last time we'll watch that show!


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