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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finally! I'm able to get on the internet.....

It's been another bad day here at Frog Central weather wise. The thunderstorms started before sunrise. The farmers here are all grumbling because they've replanted their corn twice already and it looks like they'll end up having to replant again. We're getting too much water and it's turning the fields to marsh lands. I was able to get a grocery list going - yeah, I know, another one. It seems like you walk in the door with groceries and you think, I should have gotten this or that item. Fruits and vegetables don't last long. I've already gone through quite a bit of the stuff. I decided not to have a salad tonight - I gave poor Gertie the night off from listening to me rooty toot toot! LOL

I'm watching the show Life After People - it is a fascinating show. It's a combination of some fancy digital imaging work with real life places that have been abandoned.

I think I have to find another way to access the internet. The local cable company goes out every time it rains. Dial-up may be a better option at this point!


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