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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Documentary Weekend

I've been watching documentaries this weekend. Last night I watched one called "Home." It was a photographers look at the planet (sorry, I forgot the photographer's name). The first half was all on climate change and the problems it's causing. The second half was a look at all that's been going on to mitigate those problems. A really great documentary. Tonight I've been watching one on dogs and their intelligence. A lot of it I'd already heard or known. The one thing that was interesting was that in Russia they took wild foxes and bred them to make them friendlier and easier to handle. It did not take too many generations for them to become domesticated. What was amazing is that their bodies and appearance changed dramatically - they began to look like dogs!

I talked with AB today - she's doing pretty good after her surgery and seems to be making a quick recovery. Other loose ends - the pizza wasn't bad - a bag of sauerkraut was leaking causing the smell. Everything is cleaned up, but you can still smell it some - hopefully the Arm and Hammer will do the trick. Walmart wouldn't do anything about the $3.50 coupon - I figured that but thought I'd still ask.

Guess it's off for a quick bite. I made some honey mustard chicken. Delicious! And I bought some potato salad - a nice summer meal.


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