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Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 10 of the Heat Wave

The weatherman said today that today was the 10th day that we've had a heat index of 100 or more. This morning at 9:30 as I headed out to run a couple errands the heat index was already 102 - and extremely humid. I was out for about an hour and came home needing another shower. I think I finally recovered from the experience. I think before next summer I need to get a new car - one that has a working air conditioner.

The heat has even gotten to Gertie. She's walking around like a zombie this afternoon - not quite sure what to do with herself other than flop over near the air conditioning grates. Last night I was sitting in the chair and she crawled up in my arm and put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. Today she's just too miserable to chase around with a camera, so I'm giving her the day off.

The heat wave is supposed to continue for at least another couple days, tomorrow being the hottest. Hopefully we'll finally have some relief by Monday. My air conditioner has run non-stop for the last 10 days - I am not looking forward to the electric bill at all. But you have to be comfortable. The news had a story of a woman who died in her apartment because her air conditioner broke and she was trying to keep cool with an oscillating fan. In this heat I just couldn't imagine it. Chicago has a great effort to check on everyone - after a brutal heat wave some years ago killed hundreds.

Was shocked to hear of the death of Michael Jackson yesterday. It was indeed a tragedy, and maybe I'm being insensitive, but did it really require 24 hour coverage on all the news channels. It was kind of nice watching MTV and they were actually playing music videos though!


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