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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Busy Day

I decided this morning that I'm sick of canned fruits and vegetables. It's summer and I want something fresh. Off to the grocery store and I filled my cart with lots of nice looking fruits and veggies. Of course the rest of the morning was spent washing and storing the items. Ah, but it was all worth it. I sat down to a nice nectarine with lunch, an afternoon orange, and then a nice big salad for dinner.

I probably should have spent the day dusting from the looks of the picture I took yesterday of Gertie watching television. It's nice not having to worry about Gertie when I go out. She just hangs out and waits for my return without tearing the place apart. Or peeing everywhere. I watched an episode of It's Me Or The Dog the other day and the owners were having a problem with a dog peeing everywhere while they were out - it even peed on their countertops - YUCK! That's where a cage comes in very handy. I quickly turned the channel because I didn't want Gertie getting any ideas......

I want to give a shout out to AB. She made it through the surgery but's having a hard time with the chemo. Keep you chin up - the treatments are almost over and we're all sending you good thoughts.

Here in Tidy Town we have lots (and I mean lots!) of parades. Today was another one - third in a month. This one was for POW/MIA soldiers. While parades for good causes are a good thing, I just think they're a bit overdone here. They end up being poorly attended.

I guess I have to go for now - I've got an over-tired puppy on my hands. It's easy to tell when she gets that way because she acts just like a little kid - running all over like a maniac and all out of sorts.


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