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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Dog Blogging

Gertie and her toys
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Gertie was up early this morning so thought I'd post this as it's a getaway weekend. Not that I'm going anywhere mind you - I'm enjoying a staycation. More like a workcation as I plan on getting outside and doing some weeding in the flower beds and pruning back some of the overgrowth. I'm sure Gertie will be a big help.

Gertie has had a pretty good week this week. She finally has access to the whole has during the day, the gates I had up between the front half of the house and the back half are gone. The first day she would go right to were the gate was and stop and look and then look back at me but wouldn't go any further. By the third day she was disappearing for 10 or 15 minutes at a time - she was laying on the bed just hanging out. I still put up a gate at night so she can't get out of the bedroom, but if I go in to take a nap I'm feeling more comfortable with leaving the gate open.

This picture I took this morning and this is a morning ritual of hers. Every evening we have clean up time where all her toys get put away for the night. Usually she's tired and doesn't really care - they all get put in a pile right next to her bed in the living room. After she goes out in the morning Gertie runs to her toy pile and begins spreading them out around her and she rolls around playing for a bit with each one. She's like a little kid that cannot decide between which toy to play with first. This morning she even dragged out one of her pieces of rawhide to chew on before hiding back in a safe place for later.


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