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Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Dog Blogging

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Gertie and I have spent the majority of the day sleeping. This rainy weather really wears on you and you just feel like doing nothing. I wanted to venture out a bit today but there are flood warnings up which means a lot of roads will be impassible. So Gertie and I decided it was a better idea to stay at home and nap.

Gertie's had a pretty good week. We're still working on a regular schedule for going out to do her business. It's getting better but she still wants to go out sometimes just to see what's going on. She got a new toy this week and she knows the name of all her toys and will get the one you ask for. She really is smart as a whip in picking up commands, which is nice. She really has pretty much mastered the sit command.

So the other day I started taking a number of pictures of her and I thought this one turned out pretty good. I love those half droopy ears of hers. She also got a new collar this week - her old one was feeling just a bit tight. They say you should be able to slip a couple fingers underneath the collar easily and I didn't feel I could do that. I like the new collar better because it has an easier clasp for getting it off and on plus a larger ring for clicking her on a leash.


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