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Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Rain

Spring time here in Southern Illinois is usually very wet, and this year is proving to be no exception. It has been a hard downpour going since very late last night. We seem to be getting a small break at the moment, but the skies are really dark and I'm sure that at any moment the rain will start up again. Rain is in the forecast here for the next 5 days. If nothing else I've got a very clean puppy. Gertie loves to play out in the rain and comes in soaked through. I try to use a towel to dry her off and she'll have none of it. She'd rather find a spot, lay down, and air dry. As long as that spot isn't my chair, I let her be.

I am so tired today. I sat in my chair watching the morning news when I suddenly realized that there were different newscasters. I had fallen asleep for about 20 minutes and I think those MSNBC news people knew it and decided to screw with me. LOL I could still easily fall asleep, so this afternoon (and I mean early this afternoon) will be nap time. I've been grooming Gertie that for about an hour in the afternoon we take a nap and she's taken to it pretty easily. I guess when you're locked in a room with nothing else to do you're kind of forced into it.


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