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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Hot Chocolate

Sure tastes good this morning - temperatures here dropped to below freezing last night. While it's supposed to warm up into the low 50's today - tonight's low is forecast to be 27 degrees! What happened to spring? On top of everything is the forecast for rain to start tonight or early tomorrow. It seems wrong to worry about ice in April.

With the weather woes, I woke up this morning with my joints feeling like they had been worked over with a sledge hammer while I slept. Hopefully a second cup of hot chocolate (and a little green pill) will make for a more comfortable morning.

I was watching television last night and saw an ad for Walgreens and it got me wondering where the closest store to me was. Over 40 miles away! Guess I won't be going anytime soon. We have a CVS here in town and they carry much of the same thing. I guess I really ought to go get this day started.......


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