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Friday, April 03, 2009

Animals That Wish They Were Frogs

Webkinz - Lion
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
I'm running late today. I made it out to the post office and then went to Walmart but the parking lot was full, so decided to go to IGA instead. I made it home and had to put together the dip recipe that AB gave me - delicious! And so easy to make.

This is another animal that you know just wishes it were a frog. They are both kings of their respective domains, but lions have to be out on the dusty plains, whereas frogs get to hop around the local watering hole. Then of course there's all that running around trying to get dinner for the family - bugs just come to frogs and they stick out that long tongue and voila - dinner! Finally, while people love to look at the majestic lion, I don't see anyone ready to go out and kiss one. You just know that the lion wishes it were a frog......

Remember - all these plush animals you send me this year will be donated to charity. If you would like to send a new plush - such as the Webkinz shown here, send it to 618 N. Olive Road, Flora, Illinois 62839. I'm getting quite a collection here for the kids. In these tough economic times let's all pull together and make sure that the kids will have a good Christmas this year. You might say it's early in the year to be thinking of such things, but if we get an early start it won't hurt the wallet as much.


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