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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Internet is Back!!

Yesterday was a high wind day here in Tidy Town - which meant that the internet was down all day. So what did I do - spent the day in the kitchen cooking - LOL. After the fried rice fiasco the other day, I decided to fall back to a tried and true recipe. I used on of those roasting bags to make a roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions. As usual - it came out perfect. The aroma was still strong throughout the house this morning. When I returned from the pharmacy (trip number 4 - I want to bill my doctor for the next tank fill-up) and opened the door - the great aroma filled my nostrils and now I'm ready for lunch!

While I was out driving around I was surprised to see how many of the spring flowers were already in blossom. Forsythia with it's beautiful yellow sprays and dogwood in various colors are all looking beautiful. The trees in the yard are all budding with new leaves - dropping the old crap all over my car parked right underneath. We had a bit of rain here last night so everything got a good shot for growing and I can't believe how tall the leaves for my daylillies have gotten in a couple days. Now if the temperatures would get a little bit warmer this curmudgeon just might smile a little......


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