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Friday, March 20, 2009

Animals That Wish They Were Frogs

Josh didn't know what he started when he sent me that Elephant. A bunch of guys from a California University thought that was funny and have sent me a number of "non-frog" animals. So remember the frog credo - "Eat what bugs ya!" After much deliberation, I'm unveiling a new Friday feature - Animals that wish they were frogs.

Of course, this is all done tongue in cheek. And while having fun this can be a great way to help local children. All the non-frog plush you send me will be set aside and donated to a charity so kids can enjoy them. So I'm issuing a challenge. Make sure the items are new, good quality items (such as the Webkinz or Wild Republic, for example). Times are tough so if we start now, we have the majority of the year to get a nice donation put together - one plush at a time. So without further ado, and again with tongue firmly planted in cheek, here's is this weeks animal that wishes it were a frog!

This Black and White Cat just looks miserable.There's no sitting on lily pads - he won't even go near water! And not a spot of green on him anywhere - how could he ever been seen out and about.. And what is with those strange movement - let's see some hopping. The worst has to be that small tongue - how on earth could this cat ever catch a dragonfly without a long, sticky tongue. Without a doubt, the cat surely wishes it were a frog......


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