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Frog Collectibles & Other Such Nonsense

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

And 2

I heard last night that Paul Harvey had passed away. Years ago I would turn the dial on the radio to find a station that carried his news broadcast. His style always seemed to make you smile, even if you didn't agree with everything he was saying.

Yesterday was such a productive day I could hardly believe it. I left out shortly after blogging yesterday and decided on my way to the Angel Food that I'd swing by Ace Hardware. They were having a 20 percent sale on anything you could fit in a bag - and it was cloth bags they were giving away to fill! So a couple token trinkets and off to my next stop. And at the local church that maages the Angel Food I learned the pastor does not have a sense of humor. He carried the big box out to my car and I opened the trunk so he could put it in. And he made the same comment that most people do upon seeing my trunk - it's huge. I drive a '92 Mercury Grand Marquis and the trunk capacity is phenomenal. So I said what I always say when someone comments on the trunk capacity - you wouldn't believe how many bodies I can get in this thing at one time. Joke! He turned shades of white, turned, mumbling something under his breath, and walked away. I didn't let it phase me as I headed home and decided to stop at the supermarket for a couple of quick items. Finally home, everything put away and just as I sat down to rest a second the door bell rings. My order for girl scout cookies had come in! It was a busy day.....

And 2.
It was quite a reversal of fortunes this morning though. I came out and as usual used the seat on my walker to sit and make some toast for breakfast. I had just put the bread in the toaster when one of the wheels on my walker gave way and down I went for the count. It's funny, I have practiced from time to time getting up off the floor using my walker as a brace. Now I needed to get up without it. Thankfully I was able to hold onto the counter to help pull myself up. I kept thinking if I have to call 911 and say help I've fallen and can't get up I don't know who is going to laugh harder - me or the firemen. Thankfully I made it upright on my own, but now I am in a real pickle until I can call for a new walker (first thing tomorrow morning) - it will take two days to get here. In the meantime I'm more than a little less mobile at this point.


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