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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Hangover

Have you come down off that sugar high yet? I watched the live show of Ghost Hunters last night and munched away first on popcorn, then on some of my favorite licorice - Twizzlers cinnamon fiery hot! I don't get any trick or treaters here at Frog Central - well, I don't turn on any lights either....

I spent much of the morning brushing a new layer of brandy on about half of the fruitcakes. Oh my, they smell so good. The amaretto fruitcakes have such a strong almond scent - yummy. The Christmas fruitcakes have a nice aroma of all the fruits blending together. Three more weeks until their ready to taste and I can hardly wait.

There's only three days to the election and I can hardly wait for it to be over. I get my television out of Missouri and Indiana - so you can imagine all the ads I'm seeing from these two battleground states. I'm impressed to see the long lines for early voting - some people are waiting 10 hours to vote - that is just amazing. It's nice to see democracy in action.

Now I have to go have another cup of hot chocolate to wean myself off this candy high a little slower......


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