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Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring is here

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The daffodils started opening up yesterday - just a few to acknowledge that spring has arrived. It's a bit chilly today - a little further north they are getting snow! Here in southern Illinois we're waiting for the all the rivers to crest on saturday. They say about 16 people have died because of the flooding. I know near here a truck with three people went around a road closed barrier and were swept off the road. I guess having grown up near the Susquehanna river I tend to be a little more wary of traveling into waters rushing over roads. It takes very little water to sweep a car down stream. They say that thousands of roads are still closed and will be for some time. Even after the waters recede, bridges and roads have to be checked to be sure they are safe. I think the Frog Wrangler and I will stay inside and enjoy the daffodils out the window, watching the birds eating seeds in the hibiscus hedge, and laughing at the squirrels chasing each other around the yard.


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