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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is it really Wednesday already?

Another week is just flying by. I think as we get older time seems to move a bit faster. I don't know why, but I've also been thinking of things I ate as a kid and trying to recreate some of them - all of which have been a disaster. As a kid my grandmother used to feed us kids mayonnaise and brown sugar sandwiches. Ugh! Even writing it makes me a bit queasy. But as a kid I couldn't wait until late evening when this treat would appear. It's no wonder we hardly ever slept at grandma's - all that sugar had us bouncing off the walls! So on a bet a friend and I made one of these sandwiches - Oh My Lord! How we ever ate them as kids I'll never know. Then I got the bright idea of making some macaroni and cheese, and slicing up a couple hot dogs into it. Yuck! And in my bid to get rid of the remaining hot dogs I had left in the house I bought some crescent rolls to wrap the hot dogs. One bite was all it took. So last night was garbage night which provided a quick disposal of my attempts at childhood foods. I think tonight I'm going to have a big juicy steak, baked potato, and some steamed vegetables - now that's a good meal. Funny, I would have turned my nose up at that as a kid......


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