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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Frog of the Day

Walmart - Dancing Frog
Originally uploaded by KenCalvino
It's been a busy day, but the Wrangler and I took some time out after lunch to go out and sit on the bench and soak up some sun. The temperatures here are in the 50's and it feels wonderful. I can hardly wait for the 70's! I spent a bit of time today ordering on-line - the Frog Wrangler is running out of her pills - 1 bottle is now up to $75! I remember when I used to bay $20 not to long ago. I got some forever stamps - remember the price of stamps is going up in May. I am down to my last stamp anyway, so I thought I might as well get a hundred - that should last me for a bit.

Well wishes to AB on her hand surgery tomorrow!

This frog item has brought more laughter than you can possibly imagine. I have to get a video recorder for this one - whoever is singing "Deck the Halls" on it sounds like they took a bit hit of helium - after getting totally plastered - and then recorded it. I will do my best to get some video of this. Every time AB calls we have to play it at least a dozen times and we absolutely howl every time! It is from Walmart and I received this last month. It is animated and dances back and forth while singing.


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